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Tide, current, wind, swell, and lumpy water—it’s all a part of paddling where the bay meets the ocean. You’ll take your existing skills and apply them in the dynamic waters near the Golden Gate Bridge. Not only will you learn to deal with the conditions of the area, but you’ll also discover how to make various water features work for you to make paddling more efficient and fun.

Who is this class for?

  • Kayakers who have taken our Basic Sea Kayaking I & II classes and are ready for the thrill of paddling under the Golden Gate.
  • Paddlers who are comfortable with maneuvering and rescues on calm water and want to test their skills in more open water.
  • Experienced whitewater kayakers (Class III+) who want to try sea kayaking.
  • Experienced sea kayakers who are looking for a comprehensive open-water refresher course.

What is covered in this class?

  • Trip planning, tides, and weather.
  • Brief warm-up and stroke review.
  • Finding eddies and sheltered "resting spots" in open water.
  • Ferry gliding across a current using transits.
  • Paddling near rocks and reflected swell.
  • Bracing in small breaking waves.
  • Paddling with wind and swell coming from the side and behind (beam and following seas).
  • Rescues in wind and current.

What is provided in the class?

  • Sea kayak and paddle
  • Wetsuit and paddling jacket
  • Sprayskirt
  • Personal floatation device
  • Bilge pump and paddle float (for practicing recoveries)

What do I need to bring?

  • Swimsuit or shorts
  • Long-sleeve fleece shirt (synthetic or wool, no cotton)
  • Shoes that can get wet (neoprene booties, water shoes, old tennis shoes, etc.)
  • Lunch, snacks, drinking water, sunscreen, and towel
  • Strap for eyeglasses ("chums" or "croakies")
  • Optional: hat, waterproof camera

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