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Rolling Lessons and Pool in the South Bay

New pool! We are resuming roll lessons at the Camden Community Center in San Jose every Tuesday night. Sign up now!

For whitewater kayakers, the Eskimo roll is an indispensable tool, but itís also a useful skill for sea kayakers. As a self-rescue, the roll only takes a couple seconds compared to a minute or two of being in the water for other types of recoveries. In surf and rock gardens the roll becomes essential as traditional recoveries can sometimes be difficult or even dangerous depending on conditions. And even if you donít imagine yourself being in conditions that require a roll, having one increases your confidence in the kayak, allowing you to edge and brace further than you thought possible!

Learning the Kayak RollRolling Lessons - We offer rolling lessons on Tuesday nights at the outdoor heated pool at the Camden Community Center in San Jose. Roll lessons include 90 minutes of pool time, and we can provide equipment (whitewater or sea kayak) if needed. There are two options:

Intro to Rolling - We're offering a 3-week intro to rolling course for those who are brand new to rolling. The first week introduces the fundamental techniques to rolling, while we put it all together in the following 2 weeks.

Cost: $165 ($30 discount with your own kayak and gear)
Contact us for next available date.

Sculling for Support

Single Rolling Lessons - Single roll lessons are also available at a 3:1 student-instructor ratio, perfect if you want lessons to suit your own schedule or just need a tune-up.

Cost: $65 ($10 discount with your own kayak and gear)
Dates: Most Tuesdays, 7:30-9:30pm
Contact us for more information or sign up online.

Bracing and Sculling Classes - Come and develop the fundamental bracing skills in the comfort of a heated pool. We'll work on the "hip flick", reflex bracing, safe paddle positions for low and high braces, as well as sculling for support. This class is a great first step before learning to roll, or if you're already working on a roll, the solid bracing skills you'll develop will help make it bombproof!

Cost: $55 ($10 discount with your own kayak and gear).
Contact us for more information or next available date.

Drop-in Practice Sessions - The pool is also available for every Tuesday night for people wanting to practice their rolls, braces, recoveries, or just to get their boats wet. Pool practice sessions are hosted by Loma Prieta Paddlers, a local chapter of the Sierra Club. Cost is $10 payable to LPP, and paddlers must sign a Sierra Club waiver annually.

A limited number of kayaks are available to rent at the pool for an additional $15 with advance notice.
Contact us for more information. No reservations required unless renting a kayak.

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